Health Care

Contribution to the renovation of a sustainable medical post

In 2017, the Kadam Chöling foundation, in collaboration with the Wilde Ganzen, started to raise funds for a new building for the doctor’s office. (See under ‘Heating project’.) However, research by TU Delft students showed that it was not possible to build a new post on the designated piece of land due to the risk of landslide. As a result, the project has been adapted to “renovation of the existing medical post” that is located in the school building.

The goal, a total of 91,500 euros, was achieved. In 2018, TDEF also contributed to the Wilde Ganzen for this. However, the renovation has been delayed by the results of the further research. The money is now managed by Wilde Ganzen. They will transfer it to the monastery when the renovation of the medical post can be started.

The situation now

Currently (early 2019) there is a simple medical post on the ground floor of the school. There is an entrance on the street side which makes it also easily accessible for the nearby residents. Twice a week, there is a doctor who holds a consultation on a voluntary basis for the monks and the nearby residents.

When the doctor is unable to make a diagnosis or to treat a disease in a proper way, the patient is brought to Kullu, the nearest city where there is a hospital and a radiology centre.

In the last years, there have been several health problems where the TDEF has been able to help: for example, several monks suffered from Phowa (Heliobacter Piroli Infection) which causes a nasty stomach ache. Thanks to received donations, several monks could undergo tests and treatments.


In the autumn of 2018, about 25 young monks were suffering from fungus infections on their head. The younger monks also sometimes suffer from boils. Both diseases are contagious. While it’s not life threatening, it does cost them a lot of energy and it reduces their mental power, making it more difficult to learn. The kids are now being treated with a cream and if necessary, with antibiotics.

The advice of the doctor to help treat these diseases and to prevent them is:

  1. Improve the immune system of the children with a healthy diet and enough proteins and vitamins
  2. Improvement of the hygiene.

Both the above points is being worked on. There is a lot of emphasis on protein rich food and amongst others, the monastery has bought a big washing machine in order to regularly wash the bed linen and cloths.

  • There is also still a wish to offer good dental care
  • It would be useful if each person had a health record in which the health care professionals could record the treatments they provide. This would enable a more personalized care of both pupils and monks. Each person would have their own health record (a small note book) to keep.
  • The school building where the medical post is based, is in a bad state. When the building will be renovated, the medical post will also be renovated. Is can then be expanded with a place to stay for the doctor so that it will be easier to attract doctors.

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