The foundation


The Dagpo Educational Fund has been set up with the aim of supporting the cultural, educational and philosophical aspects of Buddhist traditions of the monastic university of Dagpo Shedrup Ling anywhere in the world so that they can continue to exist and be shared with those who are interested in them.

The foundation’s aims have an implicit social aspect because people who live in harmony with the traditions of Dagpo Shedrup Ling contribute to education, health and other forms of humanitarian help where needed.

The Dagpo Educational Fund uses its financial resources for this purpose with non-profit motive.


  • President Mr Lopsang Jamphel Jhampa Gyamtshog
  • Vice-President Mrs E. van Weelden
  • Secretary Mrs P.C.G. Hendriks
  • Treasurer Mr A. Roos
  • General members Mrs M.H. van den Eijkhoff, Mrs T.L. Tideman and Mrs M.M.H.L.T. van der Bom-Tjoa

All board members work on a voluntary basis.


The Dagpo Educational Fund is a recognized Public Benefit Organization (with ANBI status in the Netherlands fiscal number 8177 66 522).


The policy of the foundation is focused on the supporting of the Dagpo Traditions in the long term. You can find more information about the policy in the download ‘policy 2015-2025 short version’.

Please feel free to contact us or to download the flyer should you wish additional information.